Military Vehicle Uses

Due to security and non disclosure terms we are limited on what we can share regarding the use of our WunderAligner products across different military organizations.

With a wide variety of rubberized vehicles utilized by the military, with multiple axles, multiple steer axles, oversized wheels and tires, and heavy weights, we offer different solutions for different vehicles.

For example, the HD30-LM (The Agricultural product) works very well on 4 axles multi steer axle type vehicles.  As it utilizes a magnet based head mount onto the steel wheels, and the option to add as many measuring heads and turn plates as you need, the HD30-LM is a good solution

The HD30 and HD30-PLUS which utilize the hangers rather than a magnet, is very versatile to align people carriers, 4x4 jeeps, and all of the various haulage vehicles, similar to a commercial truck.

And now, with the new PLUS Mirror bar solution, any military shop can easily train their personnel, and check and align any number of vehicles quickly and efficiently, as quickly as 10 minutes

We can customize special kits also. Combining the best of all the products, or even building something unique are all options.

Although the videos on the left are not military vehicles, the same procedure would apply in any military application.

We sell these alignment systems worldwide subject to regular export regulations.

What you get in the box - Standard HD30-LM kit

2 - turnable magnetic laser measuring heads

1 - standard inclinometer for camber only

1 - toe gauge

2 - magnetic toe targets

1 - Manual and software on DVD

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Additional Measuring heads

Alternative magnetic mounting legs

Additional toe plates

Full function Inclinometer

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