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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

If I never used an alignment system can I use this product?

Yes, with the provided instructions and online training videos, you will learn the basics of alignment and vehicle geometry and how to correctly use the WunderAligner system. Having previous knowledge of vehicle alignment techniques and other alignment systems is advantageous, but not required.

Can this product be used on any vehicle?

Yes, but you need the right version to work with certain types of vehicles. The HD-10 will typically work on any regular size car, SUV, Jeep and mid sized truck with regular wheels and tires. The HD-30, or additional hangers may be required is you align large trucks, box vans, small RV's, or vehicles with oversized wheels and tires. And the full HD-30 system would be required to align full size trucks, big rigs, large RV's and other large vehicles. Specific models are also available for agricultural, construction, and specialty equipment. Contact us for details and options.

Do I need a lift to use this product?

No, you can align on any reasonable flat and smooth surface. Even if the surface is not fully level, the system will find it's own level. Depending on the vehicle and how easily it is to access the suspension and starring adjustments, we do offer platforms to raise the vehicle for access, or you can make or buy or build your own platform. Before purchasing, contact us and we can advise on what best suits your needs.

Is there additional training available?

Yes, should you require additional training for you or your staff, we can provide this in multiple ways. We provide on-site training, which is best suited to larger businesses that may want to take advantage of in depth in person training for multiple staff. We have training facilities available in California and Florida where classes or individual training can be provided. We also offer online pre recorded video, and live video training. All of these training options can be purchased at the same time as buying a system, or anytime after. We do not publish any standard training rates, as each individual needs vary. Contact us for details on additional training options

What software comes with the product?

All systems come with a standard P based Flash program that allows your to record and calculate any aloignment. For shops that have customers that may need a print out, the software provides this option. The device does not need the software to operate. You can perform a complete alignment using the alignment system, no software use is required. Should you choose to manually record measurements on a form or other device, all these options are possible.

How mobile is this system?

This system is 100% mobile. The HD-10 system will fit in the trunk of your vehicle, or bed of your truck. It can be operated indoors or outdoors, and requires a reasonably flat and smooth surface to operate most effectively. Although the system is robust, it is recommended that if you plan to use it in a mobile mode long term, you should transport the unit in a secure box or other device.

What warranty comes with the product?

All WunderAligner systems comes with a 2 year warranty from manufacturer defect or malfunction. Damage is not covered by warranty.

Does the price include shipping?

For the continental US states (not HI or AL) standard LTL shipping is included. For Canada, AL, HI or any other country, please contact us for a shipping quote.

Can I lease this product?

yes, either as a direct consumer (non business) or as a commercial business, any of the WunderAligner products can be leased. Starting as low as $130/month for the HD-10, lease amounts will vary depending on the purchase price, lease term, your credit score, and your location. Typical equipment lease terms and conditions and rates apply.

What is your return policy?

All sales are final. We offer a 30 day return policy due to defects, shipping damage or any misrepresentation of the products features and functionality. Should you plan to use the product for some special purposes, it's best to contact us first to verify the products ability to serve your needs. Return shipping charges apply to returns. Product must be in the same condition as received for a full refund. Refunds will be paid once the product is received and inspected at our return address provided

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