HD30-LM Agricultural Model

The HD30-LM works on he same design and usage principles as the other models. Except that it is designed for use with larger agricultural style wheels, utilizing a magnet based head mount onto the steel wheels, as opposed to the conventional hanging style.

The HD30-LM measuring heads have varying length magnetic arms that can be adjusted to fit any style and size steel wheel. It comes with 2 heavy duty turn plates, and utilizes a magnetic toe gauge that can be attached to either the vehicle chassis or other axle/wheels. Many modern tractors utilize 4 wheel steer, multiple steer axles and often struggle to get accurate and consistent toe settings, to ensure these vehicles drive straight.

The HD30-LM kit can be used on any large agricultural (or construction) vehicle, including trailers and other agricultural equipment that utilize rubberized wheels

Additional hangers, turn plates, varying size head mount magnets, varying length toe gauges, fully functioning inclinometers that measure camber and KPI as well as camber are all add on options for the HD30-LM‍‍‍

What you get in the box - Standard HD30-LM kit

2 - turnable magnetic laser measuring heads

1 - standard inclinometer for camber only

1 - toe gauge

2 - magnetic toe targets

1 - Manual and software on DVD

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Optional Extra

Additional Measuring heads

Alternative magnetic mounting legs

Additional toe plates

Full function Inclinometer

Turn/Caster measuring plates