HD-30 Model

The HD-30 works exactly like the HD-10 except that it is designed for use with larger wheels, larger and heavier vehicles, and is robust enough for the substantially extra weight of these vehicles.

The HD-30 has larger hangers, larger head units, significantly heavier turn plates, a longer toe gauge, larger wall hangers, and is packaged in a larger storage box.

The HD-30 kit can be used on any large vehicle. Big Rigs, all types of buses, large RV's, Fire Trucks, Box trucks, and 5th wheel trailers.

If you plan to align double axles trucks, buses or RV's, you may require the optional extra rear hangers. Contact us to discuss your use cases and what kit combinations you may need.

What you get in the box - Standard HD-30 kit

2 - turnable laser measuring heads incl. battery

1 - inclinometer for camber, castor, KPI

2 - wheel plates with 20° scale

1 - toe gauge

2 - rear axle gauges

2 - wall holders

1 - steering wheel locking clamp

1 - Manual and software on DVD

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