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If you own, race or maintain any race car, you will for sure know how critical the alignment of your race vehicle is to its' performance, drivability, tire wear and heat management. Camber, castor and KPI requires constant measurement and adjustment.

And, you're at the race track, or your workshop, and there's nowhere to get an alignment! Load up your race car in your trailer and drive across town to the alignment guy, get in line and don't forget your credit card.

With the WunderAligner HD-10 you can take a camber, caster and KPI reading in under 3 minutes, and can realign your race car is less than 10 minutes. And, you can do it at the track, in your workshop or garage, or in your driveway. How good is that?

For the majority of race cars, open wheel or production based, the regular HD-10 system works perfectly. For race cars where wheels can be tucked up under a fender, you may require the optional race car adapter kit.

The optional race kit adapter (see image on the left) is designed to slide onto the turn plate, and instead of hanging the head on the wheel, you simply push the head on the swivel mechanism until the 3 prongs of the head are flush with the wheel or tire. This version is best used when the hangers can not be fitted over the tire, in cars where the tire is tucked too far up under the fender, and the fender can not be easily removed. The vast majority of saloon race cars and open wheel do not need this option.

Contact us for details and to determine if this option is required.

What you get in the box

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2 - turnable laser measuring heads incl. battery

1 - inclinometer for camber, castor, KPI

2 - wheel plates with 20° scale

1 - toe gauge

2 - rear axle gauges

2 - wall holders

1 - steering wheel locking clamp

1 - Manual and software o‍‍‍n DVD

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HD-10 & HD-30 Brochure

HD-10 & HD-30 Brochure

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