HD-10 Model

Most road cars, including SUV's, vans, 4WD jeeps, saloon based sports cars can be aligned using the HD-10 system. With smaller clamps, and a smaller measuring head and arms, these units are more compact and fit well on standard wheels, and under regular road car fenders. Even lowered suspension cars are OK provided there is minimal clearance between the tire and the fender.

You can align a car on any reasonably flat surface, inside or outside. In your garage, in the yard, take it with you to a specific location. The HD-10 is small enough to fit in the trunk of your car, or bed of your truck.

Watch the video to see the HD-10 in action, and how quick and easily you can get an alignment reading, and adjustment completed.

What you get in the box

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2 - turnable laser measuring heads incl. battery

1 - inclinometer for camber, castor, KPI

2 - wheel plates with 20° scale

1 - toe gauge

2 - rear axle gauges

2 - wall holders

1 - steering wheel locking clamp

1 - Manual and software on DVD

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Leasing options available

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HD-10 & HD-30 Brochure

HD-10 & HD-30 Brochure

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